Mechanical & Electrical Consultants
Commissioning Agents / Commissioning Managers / QAQC

About OBMG Ltd

Innovative Mechanical and Electrical Consultants with a focus on energy efficiency, client perception and the utilisation of modern design concepts

Our core staff includes a highly trained and professionally capable team with a wide spectrum of expertise from commissioning to mission critical design.

OBMG senior engineers are professionally recognised with membership of the IET / IEI / SEAI / Uptime Institute / CIBSE bodies.

Training and Professional Development is a key philosophy within our company and all engineering staff are continuously developing their professional expertise to ensure the highest calibre individuals within our company.

Capabilities inc. Design, Project Management, PSDP, BCAR Duties, Feasibility Studies, Engineering Reports, Conditional Surveys, Preliminary Design and Reporting

Design Expertise

  • Data Centre Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Residential Design
  • Healthcare Design
  • Educational Design
  • Sustainable and Energy Efficient Design

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