Data Centre

Data Centre Example

A concurrent maintainable 300kW data centre. This project was unique in that the data centre was installed within a transportable container suitable for offsite re-location. This was a high density data centre which utilised a modular in-rack cooling system.

Industrial Example

This project consisted of the installation of a 2MW CHP (combined heat and power) system onto an existing MV network. The design element included a complete analysis of running costs, energy savings, payback period etc.

Data Centre Example 2

A concurrent maintainable data centre. This project consisted of complete upgrade of an existing facility from a 500kW rated Date Centre to a 2MW facility.

Joe Duffy

Commercial Example

An upgrade to an existing facility to integrate a high end BMW showroom to a new cutting edge Mini car show room. This project required a design to a MINI specification and coordination with a design team from both the UK and Ireland.

General Example

This project consisted of the installation of several DRUPS (Diesel Powered Uninterrupted Power Supplies) onto an existing MV network.

Commercial Example 2

This project consisted of a new Audi facility designed and installed to a meticulous Audi specification with specific emphasis on sustainable design.

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