Commissioning Agents

Commissioning Agents to end users or contractors

Mission Critical Commissioning Experts

OBMG can provide Commissioning Agent services to both end users or contractors to assist in their project commissioning.
As experts in the field of mission critical commissioning, our team can provide the complete CxA commissioning agent services
Data Centre Commissioning Agents
Level 0 to Handover & Seasonal Testing

Complete CxA Commissioning Agent Services

Coordinate with design team to enhance and/or develop design to ensure a design that includes a commissioning perspective and a design that has been robustly reviewed by an independent party.
Our team includes mechanical and electrical design engineers. It is this unrivalled level of technical resources that sets OBMG ahead of our competition; we have designed and commissioned mission critical facilities.

Our team can attend Factory Witness Testing. Review Factory Acceptance Testing documentation. Develop and/or review factory testing commissioning scripts. Interrogate factory testing results and data.

The OBMG team can provide full QAQC inspection teams throughout the Level 2 stages of commissioning. Our team include professionals with on-site experience who are uniquely qualified and proficient in providing a comprehensive Level 2 commissioning service.

Our on-site commissioning team can support the client/contractor teams in the level 3 on site commissioning. We have a team of engineers with expertise ranging from air based cooling to Chilled Water based cooling solutions, battery based uninterrupted power sources to flywheel and rotary based solutions, HV & MV to LV & ELV distribution systems. Our expert team can accommodate your Level 3 commissioning.

OBMG can lead or support your Level 4 commissioning. Our team of technical engineers can develop/write and execute Level 4 testing. This level of service typically includes review of L1-L3 completeness, readiness for L4 commencement, develop L4 test scripts, execute and manage L4 testing and finally sign off on the L4 process.

Our technical team can deliver the final commissioning stages of your project by executing and managing the IST. Typically under this phase we will determine Go/No Go for IST start, develop test scripts, execute IST, close out IST process with final reports and a Fit For Purpose hand over.

In addition to the L0-L5 commissioning, OBMG can assist your team with the Handover and Post Seasonal Testing requirements.

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