QAQC and Resident Engineer Services

Site Supervision and Inspections

QAQC Team / Resident Engineer

OBMG recognise that clients and design teams at times require a level of support outside of the traditional CxA and CxM roles. 

 OBMG can assist your team with ancillary services such as providing a QAQC team just for the installation stage of a project or a Resident Engineer to assist with on site supervision and inspections.

Combined Commissioning and QAQC Service

QAQC Technician Service

With the increasing demand for the Commissioning Team to also integrate QAQC & Cx into a combined service; OBMG also provide a complete Cx and QAQC service.

In addition to Data Centre projects, our team have recently expanded into other mission critical fields such as Healthcare, Medical Device, high end commercial and Pharmaceutical projects.

We operate throughout the EMEA region.

Our QAQC team consist of both design professionals and experienced technical professionals with design, site and contractor backgrounds. This unique collaboration of expertise and experience lends itself to a QAQC team who understand the key criteria in delivering a successful project.

Commissioning and QAQC platforms:

OBMG operate on all Cx and QAQC platforms from client specific programmes to industry standard packages such as: BIM 360 / FieldView / 4Projects / Compass / Latista / ASite / Facility Grid

If you require a technically competent and experienced team to assist with any on site requirements please contact our team on

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